WASHINGTON, D.C.  —  Berger/Cummins,  a  joint  venture  between  Louis  Berger  Power  and  Cummins Power Generation, was awarded a contract to support U.S. military contingency operations at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Dwyer in Helmand province, located in southwestern Afghanistan.

Under this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contract, Berger/Cummins designed and installed a leased power plant, capable of producing five megawatts and expandable to  seven megawatts of prime power. Berger/Cummins will be  responsible  for  the  safe  operations  and  maintenance  of  the  power  plant,  along  with  the  base-wide primary electrical distribution system. The contract has options with an 18 month performance period.

“Over the decades, we have developed strong working relationships with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and our recent  and  ongoing  project  portfolio  in  Afghanistan  aligns  well  with  the  requirements  of  this  project,”  said  Frank Jordano,  president,  Louis  Berger  Power.  “We  look  forward  to  further  developing  this  valuable  relationship  and simultaneously expanding our power footprint in the Asia-Pacific region."

Berger/Cummins successfully completed mobilization and commissioning of the plant in just 45 days, which required seven  Ilyushin  IL-76  air  charter  flights  originating  from  Dubai  and  various  in-country  flights  and  line  haul  ground missions  originating  from  Bagram  Airfield  and  Kabul,  directly  into  FOB  Dwyer.  To  perform  aircraft  offloading  at Dwyer, Berger/Cummins personnel had to mobilize dedicated material handling equipment flown in from Kandahar.

This facility marks the fifteenth power plant project for Berger/Cummins in Afghanistan since 2011, bringing the total in-country portfolio to 200 megawatts.

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