Flatbed delivers emergency power generators following Hurricane Sandy

Berger/Cummins has the experience and capability to rapidly deploy within 24 hours with the skilled labor and specialized equipment necessary to provide turnkey power assessment, installation, and operations & maintenance services for emergency response.

Berger/Cummins has supplies staged in the U.S. and around the world, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. These supplies include the Bill of Materials to install, service and repair gensets. We also have pre-packed personnel deployment kits maintained in our Washington, DC office, comprised of satellite and cell phones, GPS, maps, first aid kits, notebook computer and printer, and digital cameras. We have identified preferred vendors for transformers, switchgear, fuel tanks, and supply systems.

Berger/Cummins has access to expert planners, engineers, emergency managers, and logisticians who can provide immediate response to emergency needs. Berger's veteran staff has responded to over 30 disasters since 1992's Hurricane Andrew and has worked closely with both FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to rapidly deploy personnel and equipment to assess emergency power requirements and the condition of existing equipment and to install, troubleshoot, repair, and operate emergency generators and associated distribution.

Cummins Power Generation has a complete and comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place, incorporating the entire network of distributors to effectively serve disaster areas. Cummins has material and equipment stockpiled at distribution centers worldwide, allowing us to draw gensets and ancillary equipment from multiple locations to ensure rapid response.

Cummins performs complete assessments of available equipment and technician support when there is advance warning that a need for emergency response is imminent. When disaster strikes without warning, assessments are made within 24 hours and the same responses are put in motion. Thorough safety inspections are completed in all instances.