Generator sets being offloaded from cargo plane at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq

Berger/Cummins’ proven supply chain management approach ensures critical delivery anywhere in the world. 

Timely delivery of equipment is essential to meet your power generation needs. Since 2007, Berger/Cummins has provided logistics management and oversight of successful power project implementation with a proven supply chain management approach.

Through its extensive global distribution network, Cummins has successfully provided generator equipment on six continents, often under critical delivery deadlines. We have proven our ability to deliver on time in remote, challenging, and hostile environments to include active combat zones.

Berger/Cummins works closely with worldwide logistics partners to efficiently manage onward movement of all cargo. Depending on unique cargo demands and client timelines, we employ pre-qualified airfreight providers and/or line haul carriers with private security into and within highrisk/ harsh environments.

Our cabilities include:

  • Rapid mobilization
  • Rapid demobilization
  • Remote sites, austere locations
  • 600 distribution centers globally
  • Supply chain management
  • Land, sea, air freight