Providing contingency power in Iraq’s capital city

The Forward Operating Base (FOB) Falcon base supported military operations and surge forces in the southern part of Baghdad, Iraq, and served as base to thousands of military and civilian personnel for several years.

The base required a prime power plant that was a more cost-effective, reliable and efficient source of energy than the existing one.

Louis Berger assumed operations and maintenance of an existing 5 MW plant and provided an additional 10 MW to complete the combined 15 MW, 50 Hertz facility in five months. Additionally, Louis Berger was also responsible for:

  • An electrical infrastructure upgrade comprising four new 11-kV overhead distribution feeders totaling 7.5 kilometers to replace heavily damaged underground feeders.
  • 80,000 gallons in additional fuel storage capacity.

During plant construction, the base sustained multiple indirect fire attacks, but with no injury to Louis Berger personnel or damage to equipment. After demobilizing the 10 MW plant, our staff remained on site for one month to provide continued services, while training in-bound Iraqi personnel. All facilities were turned over to the Iraqi government. At this remote location in Iraq, Louis Berger’s efforts saved the U.S. government hundreds of millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance services.