Supporting critical U.S. operations in Afghanistan

Camp Nathan Smith supported U.S. military stability operations in central Kandahar City, Afghanistan. In its early days, it was a forward operating base, as its location allowed security forces to rapidly respond to attacks. In recent years, it has been used for city governance and training purposes.  


Louis Berger was selected to provide immediate power services to this strategically important military base to facilitate the handover from Canadian to U.S. forces. The camp installation schedule was synchronized to facilitate this transition and the original scope was also modified to include additional step-down transformers and main distribution panels replacing those removed unexpectedly by departing forces.


Louis Berger completed the installation of a 2 MW, 60 Hz power plant over a 60-day period for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and also provided operations and maintenance of the plant. The plant is comprised of:

  • A 2.05 MW installed, 60 Hertz plant.
  • A four feeder, 480-volt underground primary distribution system.
  • 2,500-gallon fuel storage and supply system.

Although installed on a very small footprint, the plant was designed to accommodate future expansion.