Providing power in extreme contingency situations in Iraq

Located 180 kilometers west of Baghdad in Al Anbar Province, Al Asad was the second largest U.S. military base in Iraq and the largest coalition base in western Iraq.

The Al Asad military base required re-engineering of its power plant to integrate new equipment with the existing prime power generation and distribution system while meeting the air base’s prime power requirements. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requested an accelerated schedule for the replacement of the power plant, with minimal disruption to ongoing military operations. 

Louis Berger built, installed, operated and maintained a 35 MW, 50 Hertz on-base power plant and associated 11 kV underground distribution system.

When USACE requested the replacement of the 14 MW incumbent contractor plant with more than double the original plant capacity, Louis Berger provided a seamless switchover with minimal interruption to base operations. An innovative three-phased approach was used, in which the entire plant was re-engineered, integrating new and existing equipment with switchgear, while meeting all base power requirements.

Constructed and commissioned in 2008, the plant operated continuously until U.S. forces departed during the fall of 2011. 

In addition to providing all power plant operations and maintenance services, Louis Berger also maintained the base’s pre-existing four-feeder underground distribution loop system, totaling approximately 190 kilometers, along with all associated substations and switching facilities.