Providing fast, reliable prime power to a critical military base

In 2008, Berger/Cummins, a joint venture of Louis Berger Power and Cummins Power Generation, built and commissioned a 35 MW power plant at Al Asad Airbase, the second largest U.S. military base in Iraq. Located in Anbar province, the plant was continuously operated and maintained by Berger/Cummins until U.S. forces departed in the fall of 2011.

When the U.S. military returned to Iraq in 2014, the airbase was rebuilt for use as a staging base to offer training support for Iraqi security forces fighting Islamic State militants.

The Al Asad military base had been mothballed for more than three years when, in 2015, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requested an accelerated schedule to mobilize a new 6 MW central power plant providing more reliable, cost effective prime power to support expanding base operations due to the growing presence of ISIS in the region.

Berger/Cummins expeditiously designed and built, and is currently operating and maintaining, a 6 MW, 50 Hertz prime power plant along with the associated 11 kV underground distribution system on Al Asad Airbase. Since commissioning the plant in 2016, aside from providing 24/7/365 reliability, Berger/Cummins has made significant improvements to the base-wide 11kV distribution grid, to include providing loop feed redundancy and re-energizing more than 25 substations.