Turnkey power solutions in under 60 days

Camp Leatherneck was a U.S. military forward operating base located in western Afghanistan's volatile Helmand province. It served as the NATO headquarters as well as the primary military hub in southwestern Afghanistan.

Camp Leatherneck housed up to 15,000 military and civilian personnel until the final handover of operations to Afghan forces in 2014. The base required a power source to meet the camp’s varied needs for long durations. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tasked Louis Berger and its joint venture partner Cummins  (Berger/Cummins) with quickly building and commissioning a 20 MW power plant that would power Camp Leatherneck.

By drawing on their diverse human resources and deep expertise in rapid procurement and logistics, Berger/Cummins shipped and installed a turnkey power plant solution in under 60 days. The installed 20 MW, 60 Hertz plant was comprised of:

  • 28 Cummins Power Box 20 gensets.
  • A Cummins PowerCommand® power management system.
  • A 67,500-gallon fuel storage and supply system.