Customized turnkey power plant leads to new jobs

Pol-e-Charki, near Kabul in Afghanistan, required critical power infrastructure to address its continuous, reliable prime power needs.

After the existing power plant fell into disrepair, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracted Louis Berger to retrofit the power plant with new generators and expanded fuel storage, and then train a local team of Afghans to operate and maintain the power plant.

Louis Berger, with its joint venture partner, Cummins, delivered a custom, engineered solution to upgrade the power plant. This solution included:

  • Upgrading the 33 MW power plant by replacing 14 existing generators.
  • Adding an additional 200,000 gallons of fuel storage capacity.
  • Reconfiguring the existing medium voltage distribution system.
  • Building the capacity of local Afghans to operate and maintain the power plant.

Louis Berger operates this power plant 24/7 with a local workforce.