Improving wastewater collection systems in American Samoa villages
The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) wastewater system serves thousands of households and businesses on the Islands of Tutuila and Aunu’u in American Samoa. 
The Malaloa pump station needed to be rehabilitated to ensure steady collection and pumping of raw sewage into the Utulei wastewater treatment plant in the ASPA wastewater system. The improvements to the pump station are part of the five-phase East Side villages wastewater collection system to help connect homes along the Pago Pago harbor to the ASPA sewer collection system. 
ASPA selected Louis Berger to provide modifications and improvements to the Malaloa pump station, including:  
  • Replacing the existing generator pad to match the floor elevation.
  • Replacing the existing 20 HP sewer pumps with three new 70 HP sewer pumps and providing pump controls, level sensors, cables and lifting and pumping equipment.
  • Providing new pump station lighting and electrical improvements.
  • Providing a new transformer pad and transformer to supply power from the existing power source. 
  • Furnishing and installing a gravity sewer line to the existing Malaloa pump station.
  • Providing a portable backup generator mounted on a trailer.
  • Preparing and performing a total petroleum contingency plan.
  • Providing start-up and training services for newly installed equipment to ensure that all new equipment functions well with existing equipment.