Strengthening Mexico’s wind energy generation capacity

As part of its vision for diversifying power generation, Mexico has significantly increased its investment in renewable energy over the last 10 years, especially in wind power. By 2024, Mexico is committed to increasing its share of power generated by renewable sources to 35 percent, half of which will come from wind sources.

Mexican firm Impulsora Latin American Renewable Energy (ILER) and Spanish electric utility company Iberdrola required assistance with developing and constructing two windfarms in the Mexican state of Puebla:

  • PIER 220 MW wind farm with 110 turbines.
  • PIER II 66 MW wind farm with 33 turbines, which will supply renewable energy to 70,000 Mexican households, thereby avoiding the emission of 120,000 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

Louis Berger provided essential support for development of the wind farms, including identifying potential sites, researching the local energy market, analyzing legal and financial feasibility, analyzing wind resources, and assessing possible business models. In addition, Louis Berger is responsible for managing land and construction, project planning and design, fundraising, processing permits and licenses, and performing environmental impact assessments. PIER II 66 Wind Farm was commissioned in 2015. PIER 220 MW is scheduled to be commissioned by 2017.