Providing uninterrupted power service amid demobilization in Iraq

Radwaniyah Palace Complex (RPC) and Sather Air Force Base were part of a group of U.S. military installations around the Baghdad International Airport, also called Victory Base Complex. When the U.S. military bases were transitioning to the Iraqi government, there was no spot generation alternative immediately available to the remaining military forces.

In support of the U.S. military’s rapid demobilization from Victory Base Complex in 2011 and at no additional cost to the government, Louis Berger designed and constructed two identical six-megawatt, 50-hertz plants to provide uninterrupted and dedicated service to RPC and Sather Air Force Base.

The RPC plant was constructed in the spring of 2011, while the Sather plant was constructed and commissioned in a remarkable 32 days while demobilization of the Victory Base Complex - West plant was fully underway. Both plants used the Louis Berger-installed, pre-existing 11-kilovolt distribution system with interties from the new plants, and both plants used modular and scalable design standards and equipment.