Helping bridge the digital divide in Bolivia

Telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei Technologies is building a national telecom network to provide Bolivia with access to critical communications and information systems. The national telecom network will consist of nearly 500 sites distributed across Bolivia, from the Andes to the jungles of the headwaters of the Amazon, to the desert of Potosi and the lowlands of Santa Cruz.

Huawei Technologies contracted Louis Berger to provide support for remote cellular tower sites as part of the telecom network’s construction.

Huawei was responsible for the overall design, equipment provision, construction, and start-up operations of the network for the national telecom provider, Entel. Louis Berger’s scope on 40 sites across Bolivia included:

  • Clearing and leveling.
  • Construction of access roads, fencing and foundations.
  • Tower erection.
  • Installation of Cummins generators (either for prime or back-up power).
  • Extension of commercial power to the sites.

Louis Berger tapped the resources of its existing Bolivia country team, based in La Paz, to manage and plan the work and to vet and select local subcontractors.