Replacement of the Satala Power Plant | American Samoa

Bagram Airfield 56 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan

Al Asad Airbase 6 MW Plant | Iraq

Puebla Wind Farms | Mexico

Hurricane Sandy Power Support | US

FEMA Distribution Ctr. | Maryland, US

FEMA Distribution Center | Texas, US

FEMA Distribution Ctr. | Georgia, US

Reburbishment of 31 MW Kajakai Hydro Power Plant | Afghanistan

Emergency Power & Fuel Supply | Afghanistan

Camp Leatherneck 20 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan

Direct Current Power System Upgrades | South Korea

JPMRC Shore Power Connection at Schofield Barracks | Hawaii, US

RPC & Sather AFB Power Plants | Iraq

Malaloa Pump Station | American Samoa

FOB Dwyer 5 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan

Power Upgrade at Bolo Point | Japan

Power Upgrade at White Beach | Japan

10 MW Power Plant | Liberia

USPS Emergency Services | US

Pol-e-Charki 33 MW Power Plant Upgrade | Afghanistan

Monte Redondo Wind Park | Chile

Coronil PV Installation | Spain

Post-Sandy Emergency Power | US

Fast-Track 30 MW Power Plant at Bagram Airfield | Afghanistan

Photovoltaic Building Facade for University of Cantabria | Spain

El Coronil Solar Agro-Energy Greenhouses | Spain

New Kabul Compound Power Plant | Afghanistan

Kandahar Airfield 2 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan

Fort Hamilton Backup Power Upgrade | US

FOB Konduz 5 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan

FOB Falcon 15 MW Power Plant | Iraq

Camp Marmal 2.4 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan

Telecom Project with Huawei Technologies | Bolivia

Al Asad Airbase 35 MW Power Plant | Iraq

Victory Base Complex Power Plants | Iraq

Camp Nathan Smith 2 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan

Multi-National Base Tarin Kot 16 MW Power Plant | Afghanistan