Electrical equipment repair truck being loaded onto aircraft

Louis Berger Power offers logistics management and oversight with a proven supply chain management approach. We can deliver on time in remote and challenging environments. Depending on client demands and timelines, we expedite shipment of generators and electrical equipment into and within high-risk, harsh environments and areas affected by natural disasters.

In Afghanistan, Louis Berger Power has mobilized 10 U.S., NATO, and Afghan bases with 12 separate power plants since 2011. To date, we have coordinated 175 shipments from 14 different points of origin within the U.S. and Europe and transported more than 919 metric tons of electrical equipment and construction material.

In addition, to meet U.S. military deadlines for demobilization in Iraq, we simultaneously demobilized four power plants, totalling 155 MW at peak capacity, in four months at the end of 2011, finishing each site within 45 days or less.

Our logistics teams deliver:

  • rapid mobilization
  • rapid demobilization
  • logistics management in remote locations
  • supply chain management
  • land, sea and air freight¬†