Wind farm in Puebla, Mexico

Through our international design center, we help developers and end users implement renewable energy strategies to deliver energy to thousands of homes and businesses. From initial feasibility to ongoing operations and maintenance, we support industrial, commercial and public sector clients in wind energy production, solar and photovoltaic technologies, mini and small hydro projects and biomass facilities.

Louis Berger has supported more than 30 major solar power generation and domestic hot water projects worldwide reaching more than 100 megawatts and multiple utility-scale solar projects in the U.S. reaching more than 1.5 gigawatts. In wind energy, Louis Berger has supported more than 20 major wind projects worldwide reaching 1.3 gigawatts.

Our renewables experience includes:

  • Solar, photovoltaic and hybrid solutions
  • Wind
  • Mini and small hydro
  • Biomass